Modelling of Machining Operations

Volume 223

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jorge Salguero, Moises Batista, Jose Antonio Sanchez Galindez, Mariano Marcos

Abstract: Secondary tool adhesion wear is commonly provoked by two effects, whose nature depends on the placement of the adhered material. The...

Authors: Nivaldo Lemos Coppini, José C. C. Santana, Elesandro Antonio Baptista, Daniel B. da Rosa, Aroldo Alcantara

Abstract: In this work a factorial planning had been used to evaluate the CBN tool life during cut-ting SAE 8620 steel. Part U2222 of a TPGW 160408...

Authors: Marcelo Bertolete, Izabel Fernanda Machado, Daniel Rodrigues

Abstract: The aim is to analyze the influence of two sintering process parameters concerning the compact densification of WC-Co. The input variables...

Authors: Philippe Lorong, Arnaud Larue, Alexis Perez Duarte

Abstract: The numerical simulation of machining process is a key factor in the control of parts machining process. Its development aims at improving...

Authors: Andreas Otto, Gerhard Kehl, Michael Mayer, Günter Radons

Abstract: In this paper the chatter stability of turning and full-immersion milling operations with spindle speed variation is studied. We present a...

Authors: O. Özşahin, Erhan Budak, H.N. Özgüven

Abstract: Chatter is one of the major problems in machining and can be avoided by stability diagrams which are generated using frequency response...

Authors: Iker Mancisidor, Mikel Zatarain, Jokin Munoa, Zoltan Dombovari

Abstract: In many applications, chatter free machining is limited by the flexibility of the tool. Estimation of that capacity requires to obtain the...

Authors: Wei Ming Sim, Oluwamayokun B. Adetoro, Pi Hua Wen

Abstract: The eco-friendly and economic challenges are driving more and more aerostructure components with thin wall and deep pocket features. These...

Authors: Christian Brecher, Yuri Trofimov

Abstract: The double spindle machining centres are widely employed in industry in order to increase the manufacturing capacity. Such a machine tool...

Authors: Mouhab Meshreki, Helmi Attia, József Kövecses

Abstract: Fixture design for milling of aerospace thin-walled structures is a challenging process due to the high flexibility of the structure and the...


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