Modelling of Machining Operations

Volume 223

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hans Werner Hoffmeister, Arne Gerdes

Abstract: Several authors have previously simulated chip formation and their behaviour at the orthogonal cutting process. In contrast the chip...

Authors: Aude Boudelier, Mathieu Ritou, Sebastien Garnier, Benoît Furet

Abstract: The present paper proposes a methodology to optimize process parameters for trimming applications with diamond abrasive cutters. This...

Authors: Berend Denkena, Ruben Fischer

Abstract: A simulation method for the continuous path controlled grinding process is described in this paper. The process model allows a virtual...

Authors: Uwe Heisel, Rainer Eber, Jörg Wallaschek, Jens Twiefel

Abstract: Hybrid machining represents a possibility for technological progress in production. As a part of hybrid machining processes,...

Authors: R. S. Jadoun

Abstract: The ultrasonic drilling (USD) has been used in the manufacture of the hard, fragile, difficult to cut, nonconductive ceramic materials. In...

Authors: Bei Zhi Li, Jia Ming Ni, Zhen Xin Zhou, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: Simulation of FEM based grinding process has a lot of advantages in comparison with analytical models. In this paper, firstly, a simulation...

Authors: Sandro Pereira Silva, Lincoln Cardoso Brandao, Rafael Flávio Pimenta Pereira

Abstract: Gears are components indispensable in power systems, gearboxes, and machine tools. Modern gears have preferably high strength, high...

Authors: Jian Guo Yang, Zhen Xin Zhou, Bei Zhi Li, Da Hu Zhu

Abstract: The existing research shows that high-speed grinding is the main way to machining the common materials and difficult-to-machine materials...

Authors: Christina Brandt, Jenny Niebsch, Jost Vehmeyer

Abstract: In order to manufacture optical components or mechanical parts with high surface roughness requirements, diamond machining is used. To...

Authors: Iwona Piotrowska Kurczewski, Jost Vehmeyer

Abstract: In this paper we propose a new mathematical model for micro milling operations. To achieve the desired quality of the final product or the...


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