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Authors: Qing Wang, Zhao Yang Ding, Jing Da, Kun Ran, Zhi Tong Sui
Abstract:Fundamental studies on geopolymer are increased rapidly because of its potential commercial applications. However, little work has been done...
Authors: Shiang Hau Wu, Jiann Jong Guo
Abstract:In recent years, much research has been devoted to the fly ash research; however, few have deployed the study of the research trend. In fact,...
Authors: Qian Fei Shi, Yu Tao Wang
Abstract:In recent years, with the accelerating process of urbanization and increasing environmental problems, there has been increasing awareness of...
Authors: Hong Zhang Zhu, Ji Bo Hu
Abstract:The partnering mode is a scientific, high efficient method in project management. Correctly choosing the partners is the key to success. In...
Authors: Ge Zhang, Yun Fan Zhang, Fei Ma
Abstract:The porous materials are usually the sources or sinks of indoor volatile organic compounds (VOC). In order to predict the VOC emission rate...
Authors: Yi Fei Cui, Jun Shan Cui, Meng Ling Zhou
Abstract:This thesis studies on the principle and design of sustainable housing to find a low-cost and low-energy model for China’s countryside...
Authors: Kun Zhou, Shu Ting Li, Jia Ping Liu
Abstract:With the rapid growth of social economy and continuous reformation of industry structure, many enterprises that cannot keep up with the pace...
Authors: Yan Hang Lv, Rui Zhang
Abstract:Farming in city is the most significant practice of Urban Agriculture with important social and economic impact. It constructs a stable and...
Authors: Xiao Hui Du, Hai Shan Xia, Zhong Yi
Abstract:During the integrated design of solar hot water system into high-rise residences, economy of solar hot water system directly effects its...
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