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Authors: Qing Wang, Zhao Yang Ding, Jing Da, Kun Ran, Zhi Tong Sui
Abstract: Fundamental studies on geopolymer are increased rapidly because of its potential commercial applications. However, little work has been done on the relationship of the interfacial transitional zone between geopolymer and aggregate and its influence on the final chemical and physical properties of geopolymeric products derived from waste materials. In this paper, factors that influencing the interfacial transition zone of geopolymer concrete such as the type of the aggregate and the oxide compositions of raw materials was studied. The microstructure was also observed through relative devices. The presented results show that bonding strength of geopolymer-marble interfacial transitional zone, of which the 28d bonding strength reached up to 7.9 MPa, was higher than that of geopolymer-granite. The bonding strength of geopolymer-marble/geopolymer-granite interfacial transitional zone increased and finally reached up to 7.9 MPa/4.3 MPa with the molar ratio of n(SiO2)/n(Al2O3) increased within the range of 2.6~2.9. Both geopolymer-marble and geopolymer-granite bonding strength decreased as the molar ratio of n(SiO2)/ n(Na2O) increased. The mechanical properties of interfacial transitional zone between geopolymer and stone were affected by the oxide component of the geopolymer and the type of the raw materials.
Authors: Shiang Hau Wu, Jiann Jong Guo
Abstract: In recent years, much research has been devoted to the fly ash research; however, few have deployed the study of the research trend. In fact, grasping the research trend is imperative for enterprises and researchers. The study aims at exploring the trend change of fly ash research from 2000 to 2010. The contribution of the study includes the following two points. First, the study has found the shift of the fly ash research from shifts from “concrete” and “pulse” related issues to the focuses of “absorption” and “metal”. Second, the study finds a new way of literature survey by using the text mining method in order to explore the trend change.
Authors: Qian Fei Shi, Yu Tao Wang
Abstract: In recent years, with the accelerating process of urbanization and increasing environmental problems, there has been increasing awareness of environmental quality for the taste of the importance of building space. Therefore, many buildings actively create the garden space environment in order to further improve the environment, enhance the image of architectural space and taste the environment. China has a rich cultural heritage and development advantages. Chinese contemporary landscape design should fully learn the traditional classical garden design, construction techniques and artistic expression, to guide the construction of indoor and outdoor landscape design. From the cinema users' point of view, the construction of indoor and outdoor space and intermediate space environment design are discussed, and this article introduced the two space environment to create the built environment means, and from the perspective of environmental psychology,cinema and architecture space environment lead the design of the space environment to improve the quality of cinema space.
Authors: Hong Zhang Zhu, Ji Bo Hu
Abstract: The partnering mode is a scientific, high efficient method in project management. Correctly choosing the partners is the key to success. In this article, we use non-structural fuzzy decision method to evaluate proposals. This method is employed in order to solve the problem of multi-target selection. And it helps to compensate the limitations derived from analytic hierarchy process (AHP Method) and multi-elemental value theory. In a comparing process, 15 indexes are evaluated to select the most qualified proposal from 4 contractors. This method, in some extent, provides a reference to the proprietor in the choosing of the chief contractor.
Authors: Ge Zhang, Yun Fan Zhang, Fei Ma
Abstract: The porous materials are usually the sources or sinks of indoor volatile organic compounds (VOC). In order to predict the VOC emission rate and choose best adsorbents, reasonable estimation of the diffusion coefficients of porous materials is required. Porous materials were usually depicted as a random network of interconnected pores of unspecified sizes and shapes. It may generate deviation to assume the network as simple topological structures. This paper investigated the diffusion coefficients of porous mate­­rials with the fractal theory and derived their diffusion coefficients considering the pore size distribution of the materials. The calculated result was validated by published experimental data.
Authors: Yi Fei Cui, Jun Shan Cui, Meng Ling Zhou
Abstract: This thesis studies on the principle and design of sustainable housing to find a low-cost and low-energy model for China’s countryside residents. Currently, the most popular energy source served in most sustainable houses is solar panel electricity energy system, which has been widely applied in western low-energy houses, but unfortunately is too expensive here. Consequently, we have to search for a cheaper and more easy-got energy system. By collecting data and doing relative research, it turns out that the solar energy heater is the most available source. After an on-line secondary survey, the appropriate areas for developing solar energy sustainable housing industry could be located with the figure of annual sunshine hour in different cities. Then, by studying mature sustainable architectures and translating them to a more convenient, economic house plan adjusting to common Chinese families, a model of low-energy residential houses which is suitable for developing countries like China could finally be made, as well as the way to change the environment pollution and energy waste model in housing industry in these areas.
Authors: Kun Zhou, Shu Ting Li, Jia Ping Liu
Abstract: With the rapid growth of social economy and continuous reformation of industry structure, many enterprises that cannot keep up with the pace of change have gone bankrupt, which have been playing an important part in urban renewal. With a contrastive analysis of traditional resources perspective and sustainable resource concept, an in depth case study on the transformation of a traditional urban industrial region was elaborated in the article, then the concept of resource was proposed, and several corresponding measures were suggested.
Authors: Yan Hang Lv, Rui Zhang
Abstract: Farming in city is the most significant practice of Urban Agriculture with important social and economic impact. It constructs a stable and sustainable eco-recycling system, utilizing daily waste for crops irrigation, livestock breeding and energy production. And these ecological technologies will be discussed about ecological characters, scientific principles and operation steps, to present the artificial agro-ecosystem efficiently in limited space.
Authors: Xiao Hui Du, Hai Shan Xia, Zhong Yi
Abstract: During the integrated design of solar hot water system into high-rise residences, economy of solar hot water system directly effects its popularization and application. Combining with the concentrated solar water heating system on one high-rise residences, This paper tidies up the testing data on the June to October, and calculates solar insuring rate, auxiliary heat source heating rate and hot water cost at the different weather conditions, analyzes on the causes and provides some improvement advice, which will put forward the reference for architects to make the integrated design on the solar water heating system on high-rise residences.

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