Discussion on Guidance Space and Mediation Space Environment Design in Cinema


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In recent years, with the accelerating process of urbanization and increasing environmental problems, there has been increasing awareness of environmental quality for the taste of the importance of building space. Therefore, many buildings actively create the garden space environment in order to further improve the environment, enhance the image of architectural space and taste the environment. China has a rich cultural heritage and development advantages. Chinese contemporary landscape design should fully learn the traditional classical garden design, construction techniques and artistic expression, to guide the construction of indoor and outdoor landscape design. From the cinema users' point of view, the construction of indoor and outdoor space and intermediate space environment design are discussed, and this article introduced the two space environment to create the built environment means, and from the perspective of environmental psychology,cinema and architecture space environment lead the design of the space environment to improve the quality of cinema space.



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Xingkuan Wu and Hao Xie






Q. F. Shi and Y. T. Wang, "Discussion on Guidance Space and Mediation Space Environment Design in Cinema", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 224, pp. 12-16, 2011

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April 2011




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