Appropriate Sustainable House Design for China’s Countryside


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This thesis studies on the principle and design of sustainable housing to find a low-cost and low-energy model for China’s countryside residents. Currently, the most popular energy source served in most sustainable houses is solar panel electricity energy system, which has been widely applied in western low-energy houses, but unfortunately is too expensive here. Consequently, we have to search for a cheaper and more easy-got energy system. By collecting data and doing relative research, it turns out that the solar energy heater is the most available source. After an on-line secondary survey, the appropriate areas for developing solar energy sustainable housing industry could be located with the figure of annual sunshine hour in different cities. Then, by studying mature sustainable architectures and translating them to a more convenient, economic house plan adjusting to common Chinese families, a model of low-energy residential houses which is suitable for developing countries like China could finally be made, as well as the way to change the environment pollution and energy waste model in housing industry in these areas.



Edited by:

Xingkuan Wu and Hao Xie






Y. F. Cui et al., "Appropriate Sustainable House Design for China’s Countryside", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 224, pp. 29-33, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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