Green Building Technologies and Materials

Volume 224

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Guo, Fan Yue, Shen Jian Hu, Wei Deng

Abstract: Windbreak design for high-rise residential districts in Liaoning coastal cities is a decisive factor and favorable to deduce building energy...

Authors: Xiao Hua Bai, Yong Gang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents the method of preparing a new golden yellow glass with relatively strong absorption of ultraviolet light. This golden...

Authors: Yan Chen, Jian Tang, Shen Jian Hu, Fei Guo

Abstract: By analyzing the process of interior design creation, the authors formulate a new mode of the digital network design. Moreover, they study...

Authors: De Jiang Qi, Xiao Hong Yang, Xiao Guo Bi, Hong Qiang Ru

Abstract: In the present work, using nanosized rare earth oxide CeO2 as filler and acetonitrile as organic solvent, a novel solid-state...

Authors: Yan Ming Wang, Ke Liu, Wen Wen Yang, Ji Zheng Sun

Abstract: Different fiber reinforced concrete was experimentally investigated by adding flexible fiber and rigid fiber respectively into C20, C30 and...

Authors: Yuan Li, Wen Chao Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is that energy-efficient and land-saving buildings should be designed and constructed using low-tech approaches...

Authors: Xu Juan, Jia Ping Liu

Abstract: Traditional residential building in mountain regions of many cultures and buildings patterns due to a variety of changes in environmental...

Authors: Chang An Liu

Abstract: Wood has been one of the most popular building materials of the world and wooden buildings served as the predecessors and prototypes of...

Authors: Chang Zheng Xin, Li Na Wang, Yan Wei Wang, Xiang An Huang

Abstract: Heat-resistant microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCMs) were prepared via in-situ polymerization, with polyurea used as the shell...

Authors: Ya Guang Sun

Abstract: Current social development is pressing for energy efficient buildings. The trend of consistent updating of energy-efficient building...


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