Green Building Technologies and Materials

Volume 224

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Peng Yue

Abstract: Germany has always taken the lead in the research of ecological energy-saving design and relevant high technologies in the world, while the...

Authors: Ismail Muhammad Azzam, Abdul Rashid Fahanim

Abstract: Achieving thermal comfort in the tropical climate of Malaysia is always a great challenge for any house designer or builder. Although some...

Authors: Ismail Muhammad Azzam, Abdul Rashid Fahanim

Abstract: Currently, there is a distinct lack of innovative approaches to designing and building houses in Malaysia that could overcome the harsh...

Authors: Hong Bing Wang, Jun Qin, Yong Hong Hu, Li Dong

Abstract: The living wall of theme pavilion of Shanghai Expo was enrolled in World Record Association for its 5,000 m2 area. The wall with...

Authors: Valdir Moraes Pereira, Gladis Camarini

Abstract: Permeability of cement-based materials is the principal factor that provides its durability. Thus, several methodologies have been developed...

Authors: Shu Ting Li, Kun Zhou, Jia Ping Liu

Abstract: In the new rural construction of our country, the key jobs are to increase the cultural facilities at rural and to improve the cultural...

Authors: Chuan Qing Fu, Xian Yu Jin, Nan Guo Jin, Yi Bing Zhao, Fan Ge

Abstract: According to the need of a nuclear power station under construction, the preparation of C35, C50 self-compacting concrete(SCC) and their...

Authors: Chang Fei Jin, Xin Wang, Li Jun Mei

Abstract: In order to study the role that the government played in the green supply chain, we constructed a supply chain model by two kinds of...

Authors: Cheng Chen Chen, Che Ming Chiang, Richard S. Horng, Shin Ku Lee

Abstract: The window glazing system provides comfortable living environment for residents and also exhibits the esthetics of architectural design. Its...

Authors: Da Mao, Kai Zhou, Shu Jing Zheng, Ya Dong Liu, Yan Pu Liu

Abstract: In pace with the high-speed development of real estate, green building has a good prospect in China. As a rising concept, green building is...


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