Prediction of Soil TN and TC at a Farm-Scale Using VIS-NIR Spectroscopy


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Building cost-effective models is of academic and practical value for fast measurement of soil properties, especially at a farm-scale. The aim of this study is to build quantitative models for soil total nitrogen (TN) and total carbon (TC) using visible and near infrared (VIS-NIR) spectroscopy. Dried samples (n=122) collected from an experimental farm, at Silsoe, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, were scanned from 350 to 2500 nm at 1-nm intervals. Samples were divided into a calibration set (75%) and an independent validation set (25%). A partial least squares regression (PLSR) with leave-one-out cross validation was carried out based on different spectral ranges. Result shows that the best predictions (R2>0.90 and RPD>3.3) are achieved for TN using the VIS range (400-700nm) and for TC using the VIS-NIR range (400-2500nm). It is concluded that VIS-NIR spectroscopy coupled with PLSR can be adopted for the prediction of soil TN and TC at a farm-scale.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 225-226)

Edited by:

Helen Zhang, Gang Shen and David Jin






H. Q. Yang et al., "Prediction of Soil TN and TC at a Farm-Scale Using VIS-NIR Spectroscopy", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 225-226, pp. 1258-1261, 2011

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April 2011




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