Research and Implementation of the MES System in the Cold-Rolled Plant Based on ERP


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In the article, functional requirements need to be analyzed for Chongqing four manufacturing execution systems in cold-rolled steel production line. Combined with the idea of design of the system it can be proposed overall design of information systems and network topologies. Meanwhile, it can also be designed technology and production performance modules based the ERP system platform. Focus on design the production performance of functional modules and interface combined with 1450 actual production process. Production data to be collected need to be establishing the simulation model of the node .Do achieve the simulation of the actual production process. Meantime, the simulation data will be collected to the production performance module through the interface with the real-time database. Chongqing four steel companies as state Enterprises, it should be attached great importance to enterprise information. It has not basically realized the bottom of the production process control system, but also the initial establishment of the upper information management system. However, the underlying automation system and upper management information systems are not integrated. This situation seriously affects the application of effective information systems. The method can only deal with the current manual operations, which leads to the following series of questions: the basis of the data delay line failure; Based data acquisition product line transmission efficiency is low and error rate is high; Production site data scattered in many different processes link manually using the original production data acquisition and transmission are difficult to track products from production through to finished off the assembly line of the whole process; Top manufacturing information system based on production data can not directly access to hard to complete implementation of its functions. In response to these problems, Chongqing four steel companies build MES system, marketing integration, the information management systems and process control systems integration as a whole, and thus the implementation of ERP systems and decision support systems, and further enhance their core competitiveness.[1,7]



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 225-226)

Edited by:

Helen Zhang, Gang Shen and David Jin






K. B. Zhang and X. J. Ren, "Research and Implementation of the MES System in the Cold-Rolled Plant Based on ERP", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 225-226, pp. 573-576, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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