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Authors: Annemie Bogaerts, Maryam Aghaei, David Autrique, Helmut Lindner, Zhao Yang Chen, Wouter Wendelen
Abstract:An overview is given of different modeling work that has been carried out, and is currently going on in our research group, in the field of...
Authors: J.Darrell Comins
Abstract:Light scattering techniques provide powerful methods to investigate a variety of different materials properties. Brillouin scattering is used...
Authors: El Hachemi Amara, Toufik Tamsaout, Karim Kheloufi, Herman Berger, Sisa Pityana
Abstract:A 3-D transient modelling based on the numerical resolution of the fluid flow ant the heat transfer equations is developed for butt welding...
Authors: Abimbola Patricia Popoola, Sisa Pityana, Enoch Ogunmuyiwa
Abstract:Al/TiB2 metal matrix composite (MMCs) was fabricated on aluminium AA1200 with the aim of improving the wear resistance property of the...
Authors: Toufik Tamsaout, El Hachemi Amara
Abstract:Laser forming is a technique consisting in the design and the construction of complex metallic work pieces with special shapes difficult to...
Authors: Yasmina Belaroussi, Tahar Kerdja, Smail Malek
Abstract:The growth of thin films by laser ablation involves very complex physical processes. The quality of the layer and stoechiometry of the...
Authors: Leila Bouledjnib, Salah Sahli, Azziz Zenasni, Patrice Raynaud, Yvan Segui
Abstract:A new class of low-k materials thin films, deposited from a DiPhenyleMethylSilane (DPMS) vapors was prepared using PECVD technique. These...
Authors: Samira Kaci, Aissa Keffous, Mohamed Trari, Brahim Mahmoudi, Hamid Menari
Abstract:In this work, we have employed chemical bath deposition (CBD) method to obtain nanocrystalline PbS thin films in the presence of polyethylene...
Authors: Farid M. Abdel-Rahim
Abstract:Amorphous Se100-x (Sn Sb)x glasses with (0 ≤ x ≤ 20 at. %) were prepared by the usual melt quench technique. Thin films for these...
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