Dry Sliding Wear of Stainless Steel Coating Obtained by Plasma on Aluminium Substrate


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It is sometimes imperative to modify the characteristics of materials surface reserved for the applications requiring the particular tribological properties in order to confer them certain specific properties such as the improvement of hardness, the corrosion resistance and the wear resistance. The use of aluminium and its alloys in mechanics is limited for their certain properties related to the surface whose principal one is very bad frictions behaviour, associated with a tendency of seizing and a strong sensitivity to the effect of wear. The deposit plasma is a technique which can cure these bad behaviours. It is particularly adapted to treat superficially parts of complex geometry and of rather significant number. Our work consists to study the wear behaviour of stainless steel coatings obtained by plasma on aluminium alloy substrates. The wear tests were carried out using a pin-on-disc apparatus under dry sliding conditions. Pin specimens were 100Cr6 stainless steel, while disc specimens were 316L stainless steel coating. A study will be undertaken on the tribological behaviour of the layers and the mechanisms of wear which control them for various experimental conditions (speeds and normal force) is defined, at four sliding speeds (44, 56.5,75.4, 94.3 m/s) and force of 20N.



Edited by:

El-Hachemi Amara and Djamila Bennaceur-Doumaz






N. Khanafi-Benghalem et al., "Dry Sliding Wear of Stainless Steel Coating Obtained by Plasma on Aluminium Substrate", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 227, pp. 173-176, 2011

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April 2011




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