Laser and Plasma Applications in Materials Science

Volume 227

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Abdelhakim Djebara, Riad Khettabi, Jules Kouam, Victor Songmene

Abstract: Accurate measurement of the aerosols concentration is important in many applications of aerosol science. Here we compare the adequacy of a...

Authors: Khadidja Khodja, Habiba Sisabeur, Ahmed Belasri

Abstract: The dielectric barriers discharges or silent discharges had knew these last years a great progress, particularly in the area of ultraviolet...

Authors: Nabil Ikhlef, Mohamed Mekidèche, Oliver Leroy, Ammar Tibouche

Abstract: This article describes the three dimensional electromagnetic modeling of a microwave (2.45 GHz) plasma device, based on an axial injection...

Authors: Ilhem R. Kriba, A. Djebaili

Abstract: Plasma spray deposition is one of the most important technologies available for producing the high-performance surfaces required by modern...

Authors: Hanene Bahouh, Saida Rebiaï, Fouzi Bouanaka, Salah Sahli

Abstract: The purpose of the present work consists in the elaboration of numerical computing program allowing the simulation of various species...

Authors: Fouzi Bouanaka, Saida Rebiaï, Hanene Bahouh, Salah Sahli

Abstract: We propose in this paper a numerical particle type model PIC-MC (Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo) for modeling plasma reactors in the case of...

Authors: Abdou Saouli, Karim Mansour

Abstract: In this work, the study of detector radiations response p-i-n modeling in technology Thin Film on ASIC (TFA) is reported. It has been...

Authors: Farida Hamadi, El Hachemi Amara

Abstract: In this paper we present a numerical modeling of a nanosecond laser pulse interaction with a titanium target. We investigate the vapor plume...

Authors: Karim Kheloufi, El Hachemi Amara

Abstract: A three dimensional model for direct laser powder deposition process is developed to simulate the geometry and the thermal field in building...

Authors: Madjid Djouder, Tatiana E. Itina, Omar Lamrous

Abstract: In this paper, we simulate by the particle-in-cell method (PIC) the mechanisms of femtoseconde (fs) laser interactions with a metallic or...


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