Laser and Plasma Applications in Materials Science

Volume 227

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Noureddine Oudini, Gerjan Hagelaar, Laurent Garrigues, Jean Pierre Bouef

Abstract: In an End-Hall source an ion-beam is extracted from a magnetized plasma and accelerated by the plasma electric field without grids. The ion...

Authors: Wafà Benstâli, Ahmed Belasri

Abstract: In this paper, we present Plasma Display Panel (PDP) cell discharge using a 1D Particle in Cell with Monte Carlo Collisions model. The...

Authors: Rayene Chabane, Salah Sahli, Azziz Zenasni, Patrice Raynaud, Yvan Segui

Abstract: SiOF like films have been elaborated in microwave excited DECR plasma reactor (Distributed Electron Cyclotron Resonance) from a mixture of...

Authors: Nadia Saoula, Karim Henda, Rafika Kesri

Abstract: Titanium carbide (TiC) hard coatings have been obtained on steel and silicon substrates by r.f. magnetron sputtering process. Two layer...

Authors: Rafik Benallal, B. Liani

Abstract: Net emission coefficients of radiation were calculated for isothermal plasma of CH4 –Ar as a function of the plasma temperature 5,000–30,000...

Authors: Soumia Bendella, Ahmed Belasri

Abstract: A mathematical model was developed to describe a DC discharge of a Ne-Xe-HCl for excilamp. To achieve our aims we used a one-dimensional...

Authors: Fatima Zohra Mammeri, Lounis Chekour, Nadjet Rouag

Abstract: The chromium nitride thin layers have became more and more popular in the last decade because of their good physical, chemical and...

Authors: Nafissa Khanafi-Benghalem, Kamel Benghalem, Kamel Loucif, Soufyane Aounnallah, Abdelouahab Redjechta

Abstract: It is sometimes imperative to modify the characteristics of materials surface reserved for the applications requiring the particular...

Authors: Boualem Demri, Dalila Mansour

Abstract: Oxidation in oxygen plasma of API 5L X52 carbon steel samples was realized in glow electric discharge, under primary vacuum of 8.10-2 torr...

Authors: Rabah Tadjine, Hadj Lahmar, Mohamed Mounis Alim

Abstract: A non invasive ex-situ harmonic probe technique was used to characterize the plasma-generated harmonics of Ar/O2 plasma. To extract the...


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