Evaluation of the Adhesion of Diamond-Like-Carbon Coronary Stent


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The excellent biocompatibility and antithrombotic properties of Diamond-like Carbon films (DLC) have been widely confirmed in several clinical trials of artificial heart valves and blood vessels. In recent years many researchers were doing a lot of research coating DLC as the surface of coronary stents. Considering coronary stents’ plastic deformation occurred in installation and expansion process, surface coating was required to follow the plastic deformation of substrate materials, and it should be with excellent adhesion, without cracking and falling off. According to this, we created a method with different concentration gradient of silicon content on different thickness of DLC coating, and found a plastic deformation required by DLC coated stent, which with excellent adhesion and not cracking. In order to facilitate analysis and comparison, we compared it with two products abusing on the market under the same conditions and got a good result, which provided strong evidence for the product development of DLC coated coronary stents.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 228-229)

Edited by:

Quanjie Gao






H. Q. Feng et al., "Evaluation of the Adhesion of Diamond-Like-Carbon Coronary Stent", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 228-229, pp. 714-718, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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