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Authors: Hong Wei, Su Lei Zhang, Ding Li Zhang
Abstract:According to requirements of the mechanical property, durability quality, working performance for patching materials for bridge and tunnel,...
Authors: Yong Xiang Dong, Chang Jing Xia, Li Xing Xiao, Shun Shan Feng
Abstract:Dynamic impact experiments of man-made rock were carried out with the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) apparatus in this paper. The impact...
Authors: Xiao Jun Chen, Jing Zhang, Jun Huai Li
Abstract:The resources are divided into curable and non-curable morphologies to improve the efficiency of virtual computing systems, and we determine...
Authors: De Fang Liu, Hong Pan Wu, Li Ying Li
Abstract:In this paper, KBE and some key technologies, such as knowledge representation, knowledge reasoning and knowledge base design, are studied...
Authors: Bo Wen Guan, Shuan Fa Chen, Rui Xiong
Abstract:As a naturally occurring fibrous mineral abundant in China, it is not common to use the brucite fiber as the reinforcement in asphalt...
Authors: Xiao Ming Fu, Wei Jun Pan, Zai Zhi Yang
Abstract:Crystalline WO3 nanorods of less than 100 nm in diameter have been successfully synthesized at 240 °C for 72.0 h with pH=1.5 in the system of...
Authors: Xiao Ming Fu, Zai Zhi Yang
Abstract:The pyrolysates of NiC2O4. 2H2O in the air were investigated by TG-DSC, SEM and TEM. The results showed that there are two stages in the...
Authors: Li Min, Ya Nan Zhang, Zhen Bang Gong
Abstract:The examination of outer cylinder of pipes in steam generators is difficult to fulfill due to confined space. A robotic system has been...
Authors: Xun Feng Yuan, Yu Tian Ding
Abstract:The phase-field model coupled with a flow field was used to simulate the dendrite growth in the undercooled pure metal melt. The effects of...
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