Aspects Concerning Rheological Properties of the CIM’s Binder Systems


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Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) can provide design engineers with economic solution to otherwise apparently insoluble part production problems. CIM combine attributes of plastic injection molding with the higher properties of ceramics. The aim of the paper is examine the rheology of binder systems with independent parameters (shear rate, temperature, and binder content). The study also establish that the feedstocks used for CIM it must be assured an extremely low viscosity at the injection temperature. The experimental results show that an increasing of the wax contain with 5% leads to a more pronounced decrease of the shear stress than the increasing with 10 oC of the temperature. In all situations the temperature’s increasing determines a decrease of the feedstock’s viscosity and shear stress.



Edited by:

Ionel Chicinaş and Traian Canta




L. Matrici et al., "Aspects Concerning Rheological Properties of the CIM’s Binder Systems", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 23, pp. 107-110, 2007

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October 2007




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