Fabrication of Metal Powders Having Spherical Shape Particles (an Overview)


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On the basis of a graphical classification devised by the author, the paper presents a brief analysis of the principal methods and procedures used for elaborating powders having spherical particles. The than discussion is focused on emphasizing and classifying the influence factors related to the material, processing method and equipment, which enables the obtaining of spherical particles. In the case of those methods which lead to both spherical and non-spherical particles, additional operations are needed the separation of the non-spherical particles, possibly followed by their conversion to spherical particles in a thermal field.



Edited by:

Ionel Chicinaş and Traian Canta




Z. Spârchez, "Fabrication of Metal Powders Having Spherical Shape Particles (an Overview)", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 23, pp. 95-98, 2007

Online since:

October 2007





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