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Authors: José M. Torralba, Elena Gordo, Antonia Jiménez-Morales, E.M. Ruiz-Navas, Mónica Campos, M.E. Rabanal, D. Ruiz-Amador
Abstract:In this paper we try to summarize the research activities of the PM group in the University Carlos III of Madrid. This research group is...
Authors: D.M. Stefanescu
Abstract:This paper is a review of the marvelous development of mathematical and computer models that describe the fundamentals of microstructure...
Authors: K. Ohura, Z. Sun, Akitake Makinouchi, Cristian Teodosiu
Abstract:The Volume-CAD System Research Program aims at developing a core technology for data integration of computerized design, analysis,...
Authors: Mario Rosso, Marco Actis Grande
Abstract:This work concerns the study of the fatigue properties of A319, A 356 and A357 Aluminum alloys, produced by means of permament mould...
Authors: Traian Canta, Dan Frunză
Abstract:Some of new severe plastic deformation processes as equal channel angular extrusion, and strip shearing are presented as very efficient...
Authors: Sven Erik Lundberg
Abstract:During the last 60 years, tremendous developments have been in wire rod rolling. Finish rolling speeds in the order of 100 – 140 m/s are...
Authors: J.R. Moon
Abstract:It is now fairly well established that to achieve low values of the Paris exponent for the growth of fatigue cracks in PM steels, high...
Authors: E.M. Ruiz-Navas, M.L. Delgado, José M. Torralba
Abstract:Consolidation of aluminium alloys by sintering present a main problem: the oxide layer that cover aluminium particles. Some alternatives are...
Authors: P. Cârlan, Ionel Chicinaş, C. Ducu, F. Stoica
Abstract:It was studied the possibility to obtain cermets with nickel on alumina basis, using conventional methods such as cold pressing and...
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