Materials and Technologies

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Virgiliu Călin Prică, George Arghir

Abstract: Fe-Cu system is a binary alloys system, nevertheless very difficult. This paper presented the milling duration influence on ball-milled...

Authors: Mariana Lucaci, Radu L. Orban, Delia Patroi, S. Hodorogea, I. Bibicu, Magdalena Lungu

Abstract: Research results focussed on the combined influence of iron and boron, in proportions of 0.5 and up to 10 wt.% respectively, in complex...

Authors: R. Yilmaz, A. Gökçe, Hakan Kapdibaş

Abstract: In this study, various ratios of ferro-molybdenum were added into low alloy distaloy steel powder and then the compacts were fabricated by...

Authors: L. Adriana Sorcoi

Abstract: This paper presents Cu90Ni10 alloy properties. These alloys were produced in three distinct modes: alloyed powders (P), powder made from...

Authors: R. Ivănuş, Liviu Brânduşan

Abstract: Powders-based on the Fe-Cu-Ni-Mo system are well known in the P/M industry for combining good compressibility and dimensional stability...

Authors: Dana Salomie, Codruta Pavel, Radu Mureşan

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to find out a simple method to ensure a good dispersion of Al2O3 in the Cu matrix. The method should...

Authors: Zeno Spârchez

Abstract: The conditions needed for an efficient separation together with the most important factors influencing the accuracy of the separation are...

Authors: Zeno Spârchez

Abstract: The paper describes the working principles for six types of separation devices mentioned in the literature, as well as two original types...

Authors: Zeno Spârchez

Abstract: On the basis of a graphical classification devised by the author, the paper presents a brief analysis of the principal methods and...

Authors: D.A. Pop, George Arghir

Abstract: During ball milling of ductile-brittle systems, often is reported a massive coating of milling devices (balls and walls of the vials)....


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