Materials and Technologies

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Magdalena Lungu, Stefania Gavriliu, Delia Patroi, Mariana Lucaci

Abstract: The paper presents some considerations concerning the obtaining and characterisation of some new electrical contact pieces of Ag-SnO2-MeO...

Authors: Lidia Matrici, Şerban Domşa, Liviu Brânduşan

Abstract: Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) can provide design engineers with economic solution to otherwise apparently insoluble part production...

Authors: Radu Mureşan, Codruta Pavel, Dana Salomie

Abstract: The goal of present work was to study the possibility to produce bars from heavy alloys based tungsten through rotary forging. For the...

Authors: Liviu Brânduşan, George Arghir

Abstract: The analysis of a large range of sintered parts shows the fact, they are strained at contact fatigue, in most of the cases. The Hertzian...

Authors: Cristina Teisanu, Stefan Gheorghe, Ion Ciupitu

Abstract: The most important features of the self-lubricating bearings are the antifriction properties such as friction coefficient and wear...

Authors: Radu L. Orban, Mariana Lucaci

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of Fe, Cr and B additions, in small proportions, as alloying elements in Ni3Al with the purpose to...

Authors: Victoria Chifor, Radu L. Orban, Nicolae Jumate

Abstract: The influence of cooper powder as reinforcing phase on the main mechanical and physical properties of recycled polyethylene matrix...

Authors: Luisa N. Mîtcă, Radu L. Orban

Abstract: There is investigated the influence of Al2O3 content on the density and mechanical properties of Cu-Al2O3 (2.0 ÷ 10.0 [vol.%] Al2O3)...

Authors: Cornelia Mátyás, Şerban Domşa, Liviu Brânduşan

Abstract: The mechanical properties of sintered steels are mainly dependent on the material microstructure determined by the matrix composition. The...

Authors: Liviu Brânduşan

Abstract: Forming process developed by injection is influenced by rheological characteristics of the feedstock. Because the feedstock is a mixture...


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