Materials and Technologies

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R. Ivănuş

Abstract: The powder metallurgy technique was adopted to prepare SiCp copper alloy matrix composites. The mechanical properties of the composites...

Authors: Manuela Covaciu, Traian Canta, Elena Gordo

Abstract: The paper presents studies about reducing the sintering temperature of PM High-Speed Steel obtained by water atomization. The powder was...

Authors: Traian Canta, Dan Frunză, Manuela Covaciu

Abstract: The present paper presents experimental results on Al foam produced by powder metallurgy method. Their lightweight property makes them...

Authors: Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani, Lorella Ceschini, Iuri Boromei

Abstract: An original inverse extrusion test was developed in order to study the microstructural evolution in the plastic deformation of 6060 and...

Authors: I.I. Zaharia, Virgil Geamăn

Abstract: The paper presents some experimental data about the thixoforming process applied to different aluminum alloys very used in the Romanian...

Authors: W. Presz, M. Kaczorowski

Abstract: In metal forming processes in the tool-workpiece contact area occur high pressure, surface expansion and elevated temperature. It makes...

Authors: Khalil Khalili, Seyed Yousef Ahmadi-Brooghani, M. Rakhshkhorshid

Abstract: 3D Scanners are used in industrial applications such as reverse engineering and inspection. Customization of existing CAD systems is one of...

Authors: Liviu Nistor, M. Tintelecan

Abstract: The most important activity of wire drawing technology is the correct design of stages geometry. The wire drawing within a roller die is...

Authors: Monica Sas-Boca

Abstract: Friction between powder and tools plays a major role during cold compaction of PM components with results on the inhomogeneous...

Authors: Nicolae Ghiban

Abstract: Present paper presents the results concerning the modeling process of extrusion of a profile type “Yalle body”. COSMOS soft was used in...


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