Materials and Technologies

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cornel Ciupan, A. Pop, Liviu Morar

Abstract: The paper presents the mathematical model of abrasive waterjet milling process. Based on analysis of existing models the authors realize a...

Authors: Huseyin Gürbüz, Adem Kurt, I. Korkut, Ulvi Şeker

Abstract: The objective of this paper is experimentally investigation of the effects of different chip breaker forms on the cutting forces according...

Authors: G. Strnad, D. Biro, I. Vida-Simiti

Abstract: Recently a great deal of attention has been devoted to sputtering technology for nanostructured coatings. Wear resistant nanocomposite...

Authors: Maria Stoicănescu, I. Giacomelli, Maria Simona Pantelimon

Abstract: It is well known that the aluminum alloys containing Cu and/or Mg lead to soluble compounds which themselves allow the hardening during the...

Authors: Ion Mitelea, G. Gavanescu, B. Radu

Abstract: In this paper is analyzed the effect of normalizing post-weld heat treatment for SAW TWIN-ARC on grain size and aging of the Widmannstätten...

Authors: O. Uzlov, A. Malchere, V.I. Bolshakov, Claude Esnouf

Abstract: Low carbon-manganese wrought steels with addition of Ti-Al-N have been treated in order to obtain acicular ferrite structure. The...

Authors: P. Motoiu, Gabriela Popescu, Horia Binchiciu, D. Dumitrescu, S. Ivanescu, C. Fratila, F. Stoiciu

Abstract: Thermal spraying technologies are an effective way to ensure surface protection against destructive effects of wear, corrosion and...

Authors: Iulia Mirela Britchi, Mircea Olteanu, Niculae Ene

Abstract: In order to manufacture ceramic coatings on metallic substrates with medical applicability, a compromise has to be made between adherence,...

Authors: Cosmin Codrean, Ion Mitelea, Viorel Aurel Şerban

Abstract: Tapes of stainless steels were brazed inside a vacuum oven using amorphous or quasi amorphous alloy based on Ni-Cr. By means of different...

Authors: Ion Mitelea, A. Mosila, B. Radu

Abstract: In this paper is revealed the structural transformations and diffusion processes that take place as a result of the local thermo-mechanical...


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