Materials and Technologies

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liliana Sandu, Nicolae Faur, Cristina Bortun, Sorin Porojan

Abstract: Several studies evaluated the removable partial dentures by the finite element analysis, but none of them evaluated thermal stresses. The...

Authors: Alina Prună, V. Brânzoi, F. Brânzoi

Abstract: The influence of electrolyte additions on the corrosion of zinc in aqueous solutions of KOH has been determined using electrochemical and...

Authors: L. Velciu, T. Meleg, M. Mihalache

Abstract: The aim of this study is to discuss the morphology (the shape and orientation) of the hydride platelets in the pressure tube material...

Authors: Doru Romulus Pascu, A. Bobic, G. Băltean, Horia Mateiu

Abstract: The paper presents the experimental results regarding the influence of the multiple thermal cycles on the structural and mechanical...

Authors: Maria Magdalena Şovar, Diane Samelor, Alain Gleizes, P. Alphonse, S. Perisanu, C. Vahlas

Abstract: Alumina thin films were processed by MOCVD from aluminium tri-iso-propoxide, with N2 as a carrier gas, occasional addition of water in the...

Authors: Alice Dinu, M. Radulescu, D. Ionescu, Silviu Florea

Abstract: The main cause of failure of CANDU-type fuel bundles during their operation is the Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). This mechanism appears...

Authors: Gabriel Andrei, Constatin Gheorghies, Laurenţia Andrei, Iulian Gabriel Birsan

Abstract: The main purpose of this work is to reveal the structural changes occured after the impact test on ball bearing steel samples, relative to...

Authors: Brandusa Ghiban

Abstract: Orthopaedic implants represent mechanical devices which may be used for different purposes in human skeleton. such as either repairing of...

Authors: Brandusa Ghiban

Abstract: In the present paper there are presented results concerning comparative corrosion resistance of some austenitic stainless steels, with or...

Authors: I. Vida-Simiti, Nicolae Jumate, M. Guzun, V. Ajder, J. Bobanova

Abstract: The paper reports on a study regarding the structure of composite layers obtained by electrochemical deposition. The depositions were...


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