Design and Evaluation of Compound Chemical Scale Remover


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Scale deposition, including organic and inorganic substances, is always found in oil and gas field due to the changes of environmental factors in production. As a result, it is puzzled by the formation damage and wellbore plug. In fact, many wells face to complex scale, and even it is difficult to identify the type. In order to simplify treatment and promote efficiency, it is necessary to develop combining scale remover. A compound chemical scale remover is designed to relieve the complex scale comprised of calcium carbonate, guar gum and paraffin. Inorganic scale removing efficiency, paraffin removing rate and viscosity reduction ratio are used to determine the main agents respectively. Surfactants and lacquer solvent are added to develop an emulsion solution due to the incompatibility of water solution and organic solvent. This formula can dissolve 72.58% weight of calcium carbonate, reduce the viscosity of guar gum to 2.736mPa×s and remove the paraffin with a rate of 0.018 g/min.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 236-238)

Edited by:

Zhong Cao, Yinghe He, Lixian Sun and Xueqiang Cao






C. Q. Ren et al., "Design and Evaluation of Compound Chemical Scale Remover", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 236-238, pp. 664-667, 2011

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May 2011




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