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Authors: Yan Ling Zhang, Xiao Gang Yang, Jin Gui Xu, Li Guo Bai
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:In this study, the temperature field distribution of 22CrMoH billet is first obtained by simulating continuous casting process using moving...
Authors: Ren Guo Guan, Zhan Yong Zhao, Fu Rong Cao, Hong Qian Huang, Chun Guang Dai, Qiu Sheng Zhang
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:AZ31 magnesium alloy profiles were prepared by continuous rheo-extrusion, and effects of annealing temperature and time on recrystallization...
Authors: Pei Jun Shen, Wei Zhong Ding, Hai Hai Wang, Zhen Geng, Xu Liu, Yu Ding Zhou, Shao Qing Huang
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:Mixed ionic-electronic conducting BaCo0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-δ perovskite is a newly developed promising...
Authors: Jian Er Zhou, Qi Bing Chang, Ying Chao Dong, Xue Bing Hu, Yong Qing Wang, Stuart Hanpshire
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:Membrane surface modification is the important method to decrease membrane fouling. The hydrophilic modification of ceramic membrane with...
Authors: Guang Jia, Cui Miao Zhang, Shi Wen Ding, Ke Wei Yin, Xiao Gang Cao, Xing Bang Song
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:A facile homogenous precipitation method has been developed for the synthesis of multifunctional, luminescent, and magnetic nanocomposites...
Authors: Zhen Yu Zhang, Biao Chen, Bu Nv Liang, Peng Lin Zhang
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:Fe-Ni-Cr alloy powders with CeO2 were flame sprayed and fused on the surface of 1045 carbon steel substrate. The effect of...
Authors: Ying Na Xie, Zheng De Wang
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange in water was examined using Co-doped TiO2 nanoparticles. These photocatalysts were...
Authors: Chang Jiang Song, Yuan Yi Guo, Liang Zhu, Ke Feng Li, Min Yang, Qi Jie Zhai
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:High chromium cast iron alloys are widely used to produce wear resistant components. However, formation of the large carbides restricts their...
Authors: Guo Dong Shi, Jun Qiao
1 Chemical Materials and Equipment
Abstract:Annealing treatments at 200°C, 250 °C, 300°C, and 350°C were conducted on a twin-roll casted AZ31 sheet with an initial average grain size of...
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