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Authors: Toshihiro Ioi, Y. Ogawa, Takeshi Yamamoto
Abstract:The practice and evaluation of elementary management of technology (hereafter, MOT) education has previously been investigated. It is...
Authors: Yun Ming Zhu, Gui Cheng Wang, Zhi Wang, Shu Tian Fan
Abstract:The formation and existence of burrs is one of the common phenomena in machining. It affects directly machining accuracy and parts quality....
Authors: V.P. Smolentsev, A.V. Levin, A.V. Gribentchikov
Abstract:It is difficult to select the materials combining in modern industry, this paper analyzed the drawbacks of different materials (the...
Authors: Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li, Shi Chun Yang
Abstract:Two-phase swirling flows finishing is put forward mainly for hole surface. By theoretic analysis and experimental research, the...
Authors: Hong Jie Pei, Chun Yan Zhang, Qin Feng Li, Hai Jun Qu, Gui Cheng Wang
Authors: S.R. Jo, S.L. Ko, Yuri M. Baron
Abstract:The sharp burrs produced by plastic deformation during machining of the precision components deteriorates the precision and performance of a...
Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Chun Gen Shen, Hong Jie Pei, Yun Ming Zhu, Qin Feng Li, Hai Jun Qu
Abstract:Based on the orthogonal cutting experiments, the two side direction burrs in metal cutting were studied. In this study, the cutting model of...
Authors: Jun Zhong Pang, Min Jie Wang, Chun Zheng Duan
Abstract:Using solid carbide straight end mills with TiAlN coating, A P20 steel at 41HRC is machined in the cutting speed range of 301 to 754m/min....
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