Effect of Structural Stiffness on the Microvibration Response of the Working Platform of a Microelectronic Plant


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Microvibration is one of the key factors affecting the normal operation of a microelectronic plant. Such measures as to increase the stiffness or damping ratio to prevent microvibration are easy to implement and low in cost. By using the finite element analysis software Sap2000 to simulate the microvibration performance of the working platform of a typical microelectronic plant, this paper compared some of its microvibration response when there were shear walls with that when there were no shear walls, discussed efficiency of structural stiffness on its microvibration response. The results indicate through the provision of shear walls to increase the stiffness of working platform enlarge acceleration and velocity response of the structure, it can decrease displacement effect.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 243-249)

Edited by:

Chaohe Chen, Yong Huang and Guangfan Li






W. N. Yuan et al., "Effect of Structural Stiffness on the Microvibration Response of the Working Platform of a Microelectronic Plant", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 243-249, pp. 355-361, 2011

Online since:

May 2011




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