The Exploration of Water-Saving in Building Water-Drainage


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Through the analysis of the present situation of water-saving in building water supply and drainage in our country to realize that some problems still exist in the water conservation consciousness, water saving technology, water-saving management etc, stating there is great space in water-saving, to ensure the water-saving society construction and save and protect the water resource, we should further improve water saving consciousness, changing the traditional water-using habits and improve water management way; Constantly innovating water-saving technology, researching and promoting water-saving facilities and equipment. dominated by the government, Comprehensive use of publicity and measure of administrative, law, management, economy, education and scientific means, unifying management, configuring scientifically, only this can solve the conflict of supplying and demanding to a certain extent and the lack of water in peak hour, it can ease the tension in water supply and protect the environment, bringing good environmental, social and economic benefits.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 243-249)

Edited by:

Chaohe Chen, Yong Huang and Guangfan Li






S. M. Cao and G. Y. Feng, "The Exploration of Water-Saving in Building Water-Drainage", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 243-249, pp. 6106-6112, 2011

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May 2011




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