Prediction of Vertical Ultimate Bearing Capacity in Piles Based on the Improved Hyperbolic Model


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Vertical static load test is widely used in the determination of pile bearing capacity, the mathematical model used to fit test pile data in determining the bearing capacity is essential. From the perspective of analytic geometry, the paper analyzes the traditional method of hyperbola, of which the asymptotic line of equilateral hyperbola was used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity. By extending the equal-axed conditions, a more general form of hyperbolic equation is derived and feasibility of such method is also analyzed, which indicates that the maximum point of curvature in such hyperbolic curve can determine the ultimate bearing capacity and such method is proved to be reasonable in practical projects.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 250-253)

Edited by:

Guangfan Li, Yong Huang and Chaohe Chen




C. Wang and Q. Zhang, "Prediction of Vertical Ultimate Bearing Capacity in Piles Based on the Improved Hyperbolic Model", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 250-253, pp. 2271-2275, 2011

Online since:

May 2011





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