Research on the Jing-Wei River System's Ecological Corridor in Metropolitan Area of Xi'an


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As we all know, Jing-wei river system provides the ecological support for the development of Great Xi’an Metropolitan Area. However, the town’s random development, unreasonable planning and destructive construction causes bad effects on the Jing-wei river, like the area’s decreasing, and function’s degradation, which greatly limits the sustainable development. According to the conflict between development of Great Xi’an Metropolitan and ecological construction, the thesis comes up with idea of building up the ecological corridor, which gives a detail analysis about environmental characteristics of the Jing-wei river system, the spatial relation between the Jing-wei river system and construction zone of the town, the important function, characteristics of structure, and width of the ecological corridor, and its landscape evaluation system.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 250-253)

Edited by:

Guangfan Li, Yong Huang and Chaohe Chen




F. Wang et al., "Research on the Jing-Wei River System's Ecological Corridor in Metropolitan Area of Xi'an", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 250-253, pp. 3367-3371, 2011

Online since:

May 2011




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