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Authors: Rahul Agarwal, Jin Xie, Kia Hian Lau, Praveen Kumar Sampath, Nagarajan Ranganathan, Janak Singh, Ming Lin Julius Tsai
Abstract:A CMOS compatible integrated MEMS process for fabricating differential capacitance based sensor on SOI wafer is presented. High aspect ratio...
Authors: Jafar Alvankarian, Mitra Damghanian, Majlis Burhanuddin Yeop
Abstract:There are high interests among the researchers and industries for effective deposition of thick layer liquid photo-resists with applications...
Authors: Wan Chia Ang, Man I Lei, Julius Ming Lin Tsai, Kam Chew Leong, Chuan Seng Tan
Abstract:Platinum (Pt) thin film microheater is designed for integration in a well-known dog bone-like microtensile test structure for high...
Authors: Badariah Bais, Liang Wen Loh, Rosminazuin A. Rahim, Majlis Burhanuddin Yeop
Abstract:Micro-cantilever has been proven as an outstanding platform for extremely sensitive chemical and biological sensors. MEMS cantilever-based...
Authors: Cier Siang Chua, Ming Lin Julius Tsai, Min Tang, Sheel Aditya, Zhong Xiang Shen
Abstract:A 100GHz planar helix with straight-edge connections slow-wave structure incorporating coplanar waveguide feed has been designed and...
Authors: Song Cui, Yeng Chai Soh
Abstract:In this paper, a new estimation method is proposed to estimate the separation gap and other unknown parameters in Casimir force actuated...
Authors: Ali Reza Bahadorimehr, Mitra Damghanian, Majlis Burhanuddin Yeop
Abstract:A static micromixer having a fractal-like structure is proposed inspired from natural flow networks. The mixing behavior of flow in this...
Authors: Sanchitha Fernando, Tang Min, Lynn Khine, Rahul Agarwal, Kia Hian Lau, Jeffrey B.W. Soon, Ming Lin Julius Tsai
Abstract:This paper presents a novel piezoelectric actuator design that achieves low curling due to residual film stress. The proposed actuator...
Authors: Mark O. MacQueen, Jeanette Mueller, Dee Chang Fu, Ille C. Gebeshuber
Abstract:We propose a concept for a novel ‘innervated’ material that is assembled by addition of a multitude of MEMS to a conventional material. This...
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