Oscillating Micromixers on a Compact Disc


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In this study, mixing efficiencies of oscillating micromixers based on a compact disc under various operating conditions and geometric parameters were analyzed. By alternating the direction of rotation, stirring of liquids inside the chamber can be used for mixing. The experimental results showed that under the same operating conditions, deeper chamber and lower liquid filling ratio resulted in better mixing efficiency. Under the same distance of motion, oscillating frequency had more impact on the mixing efficiency than the oscillating amplitude. In addition, the experimental results also demonstrated that this batch mixing mechanism can also be utilized to achieve satisfactory mixing of liquids with viscosity of 100 cp within 10 seconds.



Edited by:

Lynn Khine and Julius M. Tsai




C. H. Shih and D. Yen, "Oscillating Micromixers on a Compact Disc", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 254, pp. 155-158, 2011

Online since:

May 2011




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