Tagging for Capsule Endoscopy Localization


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Capsule endoscopy is a medical procedure to painlessly image the Gastro intestinal tract for the diagnosis of small intestine mucosa. Present capsule endoscopy does not comprise an effective method to localize and tag the abnormalities in gastrointestinal tract during the image diagnosis. The major constraint for developing an addition function to the existing capsule is the limited package space. In this paper, we propose a novel method for the effective localization of site of interest by incorporating a miniaturized tagging module inside the capsule. The tagging module release a micro tag which embed into the region of interest upon activation. This micro tag can be detected through radiographic imaging techniques like X-ray imaging. Embedded micro tag provides valuable position information of the site of interest to facilitate further diagnosis. This paper will present the ex-vivo animal trials and the x-ray imaging result of the tagging module.



Edited by:

Lynn Khine and Julius M. Tsai






R. Q. Lim et al., "Tagging for Capsule Endoscopy Localization", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 254, pp. 99-102, 2011

Online since:

May 2011




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