NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices, ICMAT2011

Volume 254

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Salmah B. Karman, Mark O. MacQueen, Tina R. Matin, S. Zaleha M. Diah, Jeanette Mueller, Jumril Yunas, Teresa Makaruk, Ille C. Gebeshuber

Abstract: The human senses are of extraordinary value, but we cannot change them, even if this proves to be a disadvantage in our modern times....

Authors: Norihan Abdul Hamid, Jumril Yunas, Ali Reza Bahadorimehr, Majlis Burhanuddin Yeop

Abstract: Movable thin film membrane is one of the crucial part in a thermal actuated micropump development that acts as actuator to control the fluid...

Authors: Amir Heidari, Yong Jin Yoon, Woo Tae Park, Ming Lin Julius Tsai

Abstract: In this paper, a new cost-effective and reliable high performance biomass sensor is presented. Compared to previous biomass sensors, the...

Authors: Tatsuya Ishii, Hideyuki Homma, Shigeo Yamaguchi

Abstract: We fabricated a thin film Peltier device based on an InSb film and a SbTe film. N-type InSb thin films were grown on sapphire (0001)...

Authors: Steven Lee Hou Jang, Wee Ming Tan, Ying Jun Mao, Ramana Murthy, Nagarajan Ranganathan

Abstract: Various types of polyimide have been used widely in the manufacturing of integrated circuits and MEMS’ (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems)...

Authors: Kwan Su Kim, Jong Il Ju, Jung Min Cho, Hee Kyung Sung, Ki Bong Song

Abstract: This paper reports a technique for quantification of beta-amyloid protein by the use of photo sensitive thin film transistor (p-TFT). In...

Authors: Riyas Katayan, Shwe Sin Win, Rui Qi Lim, Kripesh Vaidyanathan

Abstract: Various breakthroughs have being made recently in Capsule endoscopy (CE). As the technology gets more matured with more clinical acceptance...

Authors: Pongsak Kerdlapee, Anurat Wisitsoraat, K. Leksakul, D. Phokharatkul, R. Phatthanakun, Adisorn Tuantranont

Abstract: In this work, low-cost and high resolution X-ray lithography is developed by employing low-cost sputtered lift-off lead film on mylar sheet...

Authors: Lynn Khine, Lionel Y.L. Wong, Jeffrey B.W. Soon, Ming Lin Julius Tsai

Abstract: Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators (FBAR) at 2.6GHz using AlN piezoelectric material have been fabricated and characterized in this work. A...

Authors: Lynn Khine, Lionel Y.L. Wong, Jeffrey B.W. Soon, Ming Lin Julius Tsai

Abstract: This paper presents an effective evaluation of piezoelectric coefficients (d31 and d33) and other...


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