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Authors: Sunao Murakami, Tsuyoshi Ikehara, Mitsuo Konno, Ryutaro Maeda, Takashi Mihara
Abstract:Additional formation of functional films on the defined micro-areas on the microstructure is often complicated and need advanced control...
Authors: Yosuke Murayama, Hideyuki Homma, Shigeo Yamaguchi
Abstract:This study is to measure accurate temperature at a point which is cooled and heated. We proposed and fabricated a new Peltier device with a...
Authors: Yoko Okuwaki, Shigeo Yamaguchi
Abstract:We have studied a novel Peltier device having a metallic tip which is directly sandwiched between P-type and N-type thermoelectric materials....
Authors: Nitipon Puttaraksa, Mari Napari, Orapin Chienthavorn, Rattanaporn Norarat, Timo Sajavaara, Mikko Laitinen, Somsorn Singkarat, Harry J. Whitlow
Abstract:The lithographic exposure characteristic of amorphous silica (SiO2) was investigated for 6.8 MeV 16O3+ ions....
Authors: Hao Dong Qiu, Hong Wang
Abstract:In this paper, studies on “quasi-static” region of ohmic-contact behavior for MEMS switches under low contact force and low current...
Authors: Rosminazuin A. Rahim, Badariah Bais, Majlis Burhanuddin Yeop
Abstract:In this paper, an isotropic dry plasma etching was used to release the suspended SiO2 microcantilever from the substrate of SOI...
Authors: Somsing Rathod, Atul Vir Singh, Sudhir Chandra, Shiban K. Koul
Abstract:In the present work we report design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of thin film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR). The FBAR has...
Authors: Praveen Kumar Sampath, Muhamad Khairi Bin Safari, Lee Kian Ng, Ranganathan Nagarajan
Abstract:A novel two step etch process using the Bosch-etch mechanism to prevent notching on an SOI wafer is presented. The first etch step is used to...
Abstract:Withdrawn at author request
Authors: Chih Hsin Shih, Daniel Yen
Abstract:In this study, mixing efficiencies of oscillating micromixers based on a compact disc under various operating conditions and geometric...
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