Sustainability Assessment of Residence Project in China


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In the recent twenty years, with the rapid development of china’s economy and city construction, residential projects development becomes more prosperous than ever before. The speed of Chinese residential projects development is higher than any period in history. It brings many problems, such as house price went up too quickly, resources consumed over much and so on, due to the development speed was too high and the developers seeking high profit unilaterally. Therefore, we must seek a proper balance between endless requirements and limited resources supply and aim at to construct a keep zoology balance, increase the efficiency of energy and other resource, and share comfortable healthy and most cost-efficient residence as a final goal. Constructing sustainable residential community is the important embodiment of scientific development concept and the necessary requirement to change production mode and economy increase mode in the region of residential construction. It has great theoretical and practical value to improve the resident quality and level, construct best resident environment city and wealthy society. Based on previous reasons, the thesis try to provide a basic point for the whole industry to correspond via the evaluation and research on durative of Chinese residential project, to guide developers to follow a uniform high standard while developing residential projects, heighten the integral level of residence development.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 255-260)

Edited by:

Jingying Zhao






Q. L. Zhou "Sustainability Assessment of Residence Project in China", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 255-260, pp. 3867-3871, 2011

Online since:

May 2011





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