Mechanical Behavior of Segmented Lining Structure of Tunnel under Acting Ground Fractures in Xi’an Zone


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Xi’an ground fracture, caused by the extraction of groundwater and the movement of fault under soil strata, is a geo-hazard. The movement of ground fracture originates the uneven settlement of upward block and downward block. In Xi’an ground fracture region, the segmented lining structure was adopted in subway tunnel to pass through the ground fracture, so as to adapt for the uneven settlement. Three-dimensional elastic-plastic finite difference method was applied to simulate the initial lining structure, second segmented lining structure, surrounding soils and ground fracture. The horizontal and vertical displacement of segmented lining structure, surrounding soils pressure and internal force of segmented lining structure in subway tunnel were analyzed by the calculation results. The knowledge on mechanical behavior of segmented lining structure passing through an active ground fracture and surrounding soils was shown as following. The relative vertical displacement between segmented lining structure sects beside the ground fracture increases remarkably with the movement of ground fracture, and the segmented lining structure located in upward displaceent block near ground fracture originates notable rotary. Tension or compression deformation occured in the deformation joint between adjacent segmented lining structures near the ground fracture.There was a significant change in the contact pressure of the first sect of lining structure in the upward displace block. Under the same uniform settlement at the bottom of upward diaplacement block, the relativly vertical displacemtn on the surfaceof ground fracture strata without tunnel equals 50cm, but the relativly vertical displacement between adjacent segmented lining structure at ground fracture is 18.2cm on the design level of arch top of lining strcutre. the maximum tensile stress of segmented lining structure is 2.02MPa, the maximum compressive stress of segmented lining is 3.49MPa. In conclusion, segmented lining structure can adapts to the uneven settlement caused by the movement of ground fracture. Though maximum tensile and compressive stress of sengmented lining structure passing through the active ground fracture is bigger than the general lining structure located in soils strata without the ground fracture, the segmented lining structure constructed by the steel fibre concrete can bear with the maximum tensile stress.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 261-263)

Edited by:

Jingying Zhao






S. J. Shao et al., "Mechanical Behavior of Segmented Lining Structure of Tunnel under Acting Ground Fractures in Xi’an Zone", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 261-263, pp. 1778-1783, 2011

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May 2011




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