Bake Hardening Behavior of Cold-Rolled Dual Phase Steel Sheets


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Effects of pre-straining, baking temperature and baking time on bake hardening (BH) behavior of cold-rolled dual phase steel were investigated. The results show that the investigated dual phase steel has clear BH behavior. Increased pre-straining led to the BH value decreased, while increased the baking temperature and prolonged baking holding time can all increase the BH value. The mechanics of bake hardening behavior in dual phase steel were discussed, and the effects of pre-staining on tensile strength after baking were also analyzed.



Edited by:

Deliang Chen




C. N. Jing et al., "Bake Hardening Behavior of Cold-Rolled Dual Phase Steel Sheets", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 266, pp. 284-287, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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