China Postdoctoral Forum on Materials Science and Engineering

Volume 266

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: W. B. Liu, Ying Tang Zhang, X. X. Li, S. X. Liu, Z. Y. Chen, P. Che

Abstract: Cobalt doped zinc oxide diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMSs) were assembled in MCM-41 template by sol-gel method. Samples were...

Authors: Wen Liu, Ji Qiang Li, Xu Ding

Abstract: The influence of processing parameters on the semi-solid microstructure has been investigated in the course of semi-solid slurry preparation...

Authors: Shang Sheng Li, Ning Luo, Xiao Lei Li, Tai Chao Su, You Mou Zhou, Yi Shun Zhang, Xiao Peng Jia

Abstract: With adopting Al as the nitrogen getter in Ni70Mn25Co5 or Fe55Ni29Co16 catalyst, High-quality type-Ⅱa large diamonds have been grown under...

Authors: Qing Sheng Liu, Hai Feng Tang, Fang Hui, Ji Lai Xue

Abstract: Experimental investigation of sodium expansion in TiB2-carbon with different TiB2 content during aluminum electrolysis was carried out in a...

Authors: Xiao Yan Li, Zhi Juan Hu, Xu Chu Ye, Wei Min Yu, Cong Xi Tao

Abstract: The sulfation behavior of calcined raw meal was investigated in a laboratory fix-bed reactor under conditions typically for SO2 capture in...

Authors: Li Feng Sun, Hong Po Wang, Chun Lai Liu, Yong Zou, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: Basic tundish covering flux is widely used in continuous casting production of high quality steel because of good heat insulation function...

Authors: Jia Fu Chen, Zhi Min Chen, Yan Cao, Qun Xu

Abstract: Hollow carbon hemispheres (HCHs) were synthesized at 500 oC in the magnesium carbonate-metallic Li system with the help of CHBr3. The...

Authors: Zi Rui Pang, Hai Lun Yuan, Jin Wu Xu, Cheng Ming Wang

Abstract: Technology and metallographic of three kinds of representative gears were analyzed in this paper according to characteristics of carburizing...

Authors: Zhong Tao Luo, Bao Guo Ma, Jiu Jun Yang, Jun Xia Liu

Abstract: The hydrated character of cement paste with fly ash was studied, through the methods of compressive strength, non-evaporable water content,...

Authors: Bing Di Chen, Yong Yong Li, Bing Bo Zhang, Bo Zhang, Yu Lian Wu, Dong Lu Shi

Abstract: A simple approach has been developed to synthesize lanthanide based multifunctional magnetic-fluorescent hydrogels for cellular imaging via...


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