China Postdoctoral Forum on Materials Science and Engineering

Volume 266

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Wang, Jing Bo Chen

Abstract: Sheared edge quality of micro IT parts is an important standard to evaluate product quality. In this paper, a prediction model of sheared...

Authors: Zuo Hu Wang, Xiu Li Du, Jing Bo Liu

Abstract: Five beams were tested up to failure to study the shear behavior of concrete beams prestressed with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)....

Authors: Jin Yan Wang, Jing Bo Chen, Chang Yu Shen

Abstract: The paper presents a numerical simulation for the isothermal flow-induced crystallization of polyethylene under a simple shear flow. The...

Authors: Yu Qing Yuan, Dan Ying Gao, Jun Zhao, Ji Yu Tang, Shao Hua Zhai

Abstract: To improve water stability, we mixed asphalt mixture with cement, slag micro powders and lignin fibers, respectively. The Marshall immersion...

Authors: Ling Ge Huang, Wan Jie Wang, Lin Tang, Zhi Gang Shi, Yan Xia Cao, Jing Wu Wang

Abstract: We choose petroleum ether and n-heptane as poor solvent and selective solvent to swell styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and prepare a kind of...

Authors: Wan Jie Wang, Hao Guo, Xia Xu, Yan Xia Cao, Jing Wu Wang

Abstract: The viscoelastic behaviors of cyclohexane and dimethylbenzene SBS solutions with different concentrations have been investigated through...

Authors: Zeng Ping Zhang, Shuan Fa Chen, Jian Zhong Pei

Abstract: A functional POSS monomer (POSS-NH2) was employed to modify cyanate ester (CE) resin. A series of POSS-NH2/CE hybrids containing different...

Authors: Li Han, Jing Jing Xu, Qin Wang, Dong Yan Wei, Jian Feng Wang, Jun Xu, Yi Liang Chen, Rui Zhang

Abstract: We have presented the synthesis and modification of L zeolite, and have further investigated the hydroisomerization of n-dodecane over the...

Authors: Xiao Lin Lai, Hua Jiang Deng, Zong Hua Wang, Jian Hua Guo

Abstract: A series of styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA)-ethanol polymers with different degree of esterification (DE) were synthesized, they had...

Authors: Xiao Lan Hu, Yan Jie Li, Yan Ming Dong

Abstract: An interfacial polymerization method for polyacrylate resin was adapted to fabricate nanocomposites with nano-SiO2 particles via in situ...


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