China Postdoctoral Forum on Materials Science and Engineering

Volume 266

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Quan Wang, Ran Hu, Jin Zhang, Ping Yang

Abstract: In this paper, gold (Au) surface mechanical behaviors in electro-thermo-mechanical coupled service are studied using atomic force...

Authors: Xue’e Zhao, Xin Li Wei, Shi Fei Liu

Abstract: Oil tank is easily corroded by internal and external media in service. Corrosion types of gas spaces in oil tank were summarized, corrosion...

Authors: Pei Zhong Feng, Shuai Zhang, Xiao Hong Wang, Wei Sheng Liu, Jie Wu

Abstract: An experimental study on the preparation of (Mo,Nb)Si2 ternary alloys was conducted by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis method...

Authors: Pei Sheng Liu, Jin Lian Hu, Wei Ping Cai, Yun Lu

Abstract: The evolution of optical absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectra with different Ag content (from 0.14 wt % to 2.80 wt %) has been...

Authors: Jiang Hua Qi, Jie Wu, Jin Ping Suo, Zheng Liang Xue

Abstract: Steel samples were prepared using a vacuum carbon deoxidization process combined with a final Ti-deoxidation process. Ti-deoxidized products...

Authors: Yong Biao Yang, Zhi Min Zhang, Fu Chi Wang

Abstract: Dynamic mechanical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy plate were carried out using split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) with compression...

Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Hong Liang Liu, Mao Fa Jiang

Abstract: The effects of the rare earth (RE) element on the microstructure of a hot-rolled low carbon steel (B450NbRE) were investigated under...

Authors: Juan Yang, Sheng Xin Liu, Qi Fei Hou, Hua Wei Sun, Yu Fu Sun, Shao Kang Guan

Abstract: The effects of Ar purification on the impurity characteristic, graphite morphology and quality indexes of high strength gray cast iron were...

Authors: Xin Mei Li, Ping Kuan Lu, Qiang Hu, Xiao Feng Dong, Bei Jing Fang

Abstract: Low carbon steel was coated by hot-dipping into a molten bath containing Al-2 wt.%Mn. The phase composition, morphology and the...

Authors: Pei Yang Shi, Lin Di, Jun Wei, Mao Fa Jiang, Cheng Jun Liu

Abstract: The effect of HCl concentration on the oxide layer removal behaviors were investigated for hot-rolled plate of SUS430 stainless steel which...


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