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Authors: Hsiu Li Liao, Su Houn Liu, You Jie Chou
Abstract: Lifelong learning is a term recognized that learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations. Compare to the continuous growth of the e-learning market for the lifelong learning of adults, there are relatively few studies are available on the learning behaviors of these learners on the e-learning website. In this study, TAM and TPB theory were integrated and employed to examine the relationships between courses or systems and perception constructs. The degree of learners’ perceptions of interaction with others don’t influence course flexibility, ease of use, and behavioral control learners’ perceived. Different gender and career of learners don’t influence all constructs. Younger learners perceived that they can interact with teachers and other learners as well as learn more on the e-learning website. The e-learning experiences of learners are significantly associated with system functionality, system response, and perceived behavioral control.
Authors: Ning Qi, Bin Qiang Wang, Bao Jin Wang
Abstract: In order to address some deployment problems of IP multicast, the notion of Multicast Service Overlay Network (MSON) is proposed. How to construct MSON satisfying user’s demand efficiently under the situation of limited resources is a hot issue. In this paper we analyze a mathematics model of MSON construction. Under the objective of finding a virtual topology on top of physical network fulfilling all restrictions, and minimizing the cost of construction while keeping residual physical network the most balanced, an Integer Linear Programming model of the construction problem is depicted. In order to solve the problem efficiently, we propose a heuristics algorithm named BLMH. The efficiency of BLMH is evaluated by emulation experiment according to congestion link number under several scenarios.
Authors: Shi Dong Yu, Hang Li, Chen Wang
Abstract: Many users benefit from decision support systems (DSS), but sometimes they can’t readily comprehend the nature or meaning of the outcome from DSS. In general, interpretation of data is much more intuitive if the results from the DSS are translated into charts, maps, and other graphical displays because visualization exploits our natural ability to recognize and understand visual patterns. In this paper we discuss the concept of visualization user interface (VUI) for decision support systems on commerce (CDSS). An information visualization model for CDSS is proposed, which consists of three elements. In addition, a visualized information retrieval engine based on fuzzy control is proposed.
Authors: Hui Zhong Zhu, Yong Sheng Ding, Xiao Liang, Kuang Rong Hao, Hua Ping Wang
Abstract: A novel neural network-based approach with immune genetic algorithm is proposed to conduct the optimizing design for the industrial filament manufacturing system. A new model is proposed in this paper to acquire better filament quality during such process. The proposed model was a combination of two components, namely, a traditional neural network which is used to simulate and an immune genetic algorithm-based part which is to improve the performance of the neural network component. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method can efficiently demonstrate the spinning process of filament and conduct the prediction of the filament quality with the production parameters as input data. Meanwhile, the proposed method enjoys faster speed and more precise accuracy, compared with traditional methods.
Authors: Jing Hua Wen, He Ling Jiang, Mei Zhang, Jun Ling Song
Abstract: Breadth first search is one of the most convenient traversal methods of a graph, and the shortest path problem of the city map is a kind of traditional data structure problems. It was researched and analyzed that the breadth first search traversing algorithm which adopting the adjacency matrix as its storage structure, in VC++6.0 environment, the shortest path problem of a city map was solved with breadth first search of the graph based on the queue, and its complete program was realized in the machine. Experimental results show that taking the breadth first search to solution city shortest path is an easy to understand and feasible scheme, so it has certain popularize value.
Authors: Shu Hua Han
Abstract: This paper begins with the significance of informatization construction of university personnel archives, then it describes the concept and content of informatization construction of university personnel archives, especially discusses the main existing problems of informatization construction of university personnel archives, and puts forward corresponding strategies according to the list issues.
Authors: Yan Fang Niu
Abstract: Accounting value chain can be considered as composed by the five accounting information activities: capturing economic events, accounting business process integration, real-time financial reports, accounting real-time control, accounting information knowledge management. How to fully reflect the added-value of these activities is the key to produce the real-time, accurate information. This paper illustrates these accounting information activities blending the emerging SOA.
Authors: Hui Shu Zhang, Da Min Zhuang, Ding Ma
Abstract: At present the capacity for computer aided color design both at home and abroad is relatively weak. The paper studies one aspect of it, that is, the objective assessment of computer aided color design. It takes color matching schemes of cockpit information display as an example to carry out the experiment of assessment.The experiment mainly deals with the assessment of the color matching schemes of the primary flight display. Four-dimensional assessment indicators are used to evaluate the quickness of information recognition for pilots, through which the order of excellence of the color matching schemes is achieved. Based on the findings of the experiment, the article proposes the generalized model framework for the assessment of CACD. The framework has four parts. Color design of human-computer interface of the prototype product; the application of computer software to the design of color schemes; Computer aided assessment on color design, including experiment design, the application of computer programming to carrying out the simulated experiment which is based on the prototype and the application of computer software to statistical analaysis of the data collected; Objective assessment on the color design schemes. This framework can give an objective description of the color design, which can be applied to various products. However, different products should design different experiments. This framework provides new references for the study in the field of the CACD.
Authors: Ju Li, Wen Bin Xu, Wei Yuan Tu, Xing Wang, Wei Zhang, Jie Wen
Abstract: Based on the study of customer relationship management. First, we got the data from the database, transformed the corresponding decision table, then got the data in decision-making table for further simplification, generated the final decision rules. and got good results, experimental results showed that the method provided some practical value.

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