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Authors: Hsiu Li Liao, Su Houn Liu, You Jie Chou
Abstract:Lifelong learning is a term recognized that learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but takes place throughout life and in a...
Authors: Ning Qi, Bin Qiang Wang, Bao Jin Wang
Abstract:In order to address some deployment problems of IP multicast, the notion of Multicast Service Overlay Network (MSON) is proposed. How to...
Authors: Shi Dong Yu, Hang Li, Chen Wang
Abstract:Many users benefit from decision support systems (DSS), but sometimes they can’t readily comprehend the nature or meaning of the outcome from...
Authors: Hui Zhong Zhu, Yong Sheng Ding, Xiao Liang, Kuang Rong Hao, Hua Ping Wang
Abstract:A novel neural network-based approach with immune genetic algorithm is proposed to conduct the optimizing design for the industrial filament...
Authors: Jing Hua Wen, He Ling Jiang, Mei Zhang, Jun Ling Song
Abstract:Breadth first search is one of the most convenient traversal methods of a graph, and the shortest path problem of the city map is a kind of...
Authors: Shu Hua Han
Abstract:This paper begins with the significance of informatization construction of university personnel archives, then it describes the concept and...
Authors: Yan Fang Niu
Abstract:Accounting value chain can be considered as composed by the five accounting information activities: capturing economic events, accounting...
Authors: Hui Shu Zhang, Da Min Zhuang, Ding Ma
Abstract:At present the capacity for computer aided color design both at home and abroad is relatively weak. The paper studies one aspect of it, that...
Authors: Ju Li, Wen Bin Xu, Wei Yuan Tu, Xing Wang, Wei Zhang, Jie Wen
Abstract:Based on the study of customer relationship management. First, we got the data from the database, transformed the corresponding decision...
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