Comfort and Energy-Saving Intelligent Shutter


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Most currently used shutters are manually operated. The design of an intelligent shutter has been proposed. The intelligent shutter can be powered by a solar battery. Photosensitive resistors have been used to determine if it is in daytime or nighttime, if it is sunny or not, and if the light is turned on or turned off. Digital temperature sensors have been used to detect the indoor temperature and the outside temperature. They are also used to determine the current season. The intelligent shutter is automatically controlled according to the above information. It is turned off at night and is set in sleep mode to save energy. It is turned on partially on sunny day in summer. In rainy day, the shutter is turned off while the indoor light is on. The intelligent shutter can also be controlled using a wireless remote controller, which makes it very friendly. It is comfort and energy-saving using the intelligent shutter. Experiments have demonstrated the applicability of the design.



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Yanwen Wu






S. Chen and D. X. Wang, "Comfort and Energy-Saving Intelligent Shutter", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 267, pp. 565-568, 2011

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June 2011




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