The Aumr Tiger’s Individual Identification Based on the Tiger Fur’s Texture Characteristic


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In order to identify the Amur tiger individual more accurately and conveniently, a new characteristic of Amur tiger is proposed in this paper. The images of the Amur tiger fur’s texture were first processed by computer through the method of image processing technology. After that it was easier to extract the characteristic from the image. In the Amur tiger’s sideways image, the eigenvalue is the ratio of the specified texture’s area in tiger sideways and standard area. The specified texture’s area is formed with the black stripes whose shape is similar to diamond. Standard area is a triangle area and its vertices are the spine’s highest point, abdomen’s lowest point and caudal vertebra’s central point. Experiments show that the characteristic is a unique characteristic of the Amur tiger individual and it can be used to identify the Amur tiger individual.



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Yanwen Wu






D. W. Qi et al., "The Aumr Tiger’s Individual Identification Based on the Tiger Fur’s Texture Characteristic", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 267, pp. 662-667, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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