Measurement Study of IPv6 Users on Private BT


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The Internet continually evolves in scope and complexity, with the wide deployment of more capacity backbone links and IPv6, the emergence of streaming applications, and even the rapid changing nature of the same applications. These changes lead us to question how is the evolution trend as well as present situation of IPv6 users on the most popular Internet applications (such as Bittorrent). To tackle this issue, we conducted this measurement study on a private BitTorrent System, which is deployed over a campus network serving more than 25,000 users with three external links connecting to Telecom, CERNET, and CERNET2 (IPv6). With packet traces collected from external links and the 10-month log files from the private tracker, we first provide amount and components of IPv6 traffic, and compared with those of IPv4 traffic, then present in depth measurement and analysis from users group evolution, each group’s status, and level of activity.



Edited by:

Yanwen Wu






N. X. Ao and C. J. Chen, "Measurement Study of IPv6 Users on Private BT", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 267, pp. 726-731, 2011

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June 2011




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