Modeling of SVM Diode Clamping Three-Level Inverter Connected to Grid


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PLECS is used to model the diode clamping three-level inverter connected to grid and good results are obtained. First the output voltage SVM is described for diode clamping three-level inverter with loads connected to Y. Then the output voltage SVM of diode clamping three-level inverter is simply analyzed with loads connected to △. But it will be further researched in the future. Third, PLECS is briefly introduced. Fourth, the modeling of diode clamping three-level inverter is briefly presented with PLECS. Finally, a series of simulations are carried out. The simulation results tell us PLECS is very powerful tool to real power circuits and it is very easy to simulate them. They have also verified that SVM control strategy is feasible to control the diode clamping three-level inverter.



Edited by:

Yanwen Wu




Y. G. Guo et al., "Modeling of SVM Diode Clamping Three-Level Inverter Connected to Grid", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 267, pp. 963-968, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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