Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Ju Song, Rui Chun Tang, Guang Xu

Abstract: Research P2P streaming media scheduling algorithm. Aim at how to make sure that the smaller number data blocks reach priorly, propose an...

Authors: Xiang Fu Meng, Xiao Yan Zhang, Xiao Xi Li

Abstract: Users often have imprecise ideas when searching the autonomous Web databases and thus may not know how to precisely formulate queries that...

Authors: Shan Shan Lee, Da Lin Qian, Dong Mei Lin, Zhao Yong Peng

Abstract: The objective is to describe the interference degree between motor vehicles and bicycles at signalized intersection. The interference degree...

Authors: Zhong Ning Zhang, Jian Tian

Abstract: For the problem of acoustic emission source location, it has always been one of the important issues to look for simple and convenient...

Authors: Su Chen, Dong Xing Wang

Abstract: Most currently used shutters are manually operated. The design of an intelligent shutter has been proposed. The intelligent shutter can be...

Authors: Jun Hong Xu, Jin Li, Yan Wei Wang, Hong Liang, Dong Chao Tian, Nan Zhang, Zhi Yuan Wang, Wang Cong

Abstract: To improve the performance of image registration technology, a new method based on mutual information and PSO (Particle swarm optimization)...

Authors: Jun Wei Zhao, Yan Qin Li, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the joint robot path plan in unknown environment, the paper adopts the method of obstacle avoidance in X-Y plane. The obstacles...

Authors: Qiao Mei Su, Jian Min Wang, Jiao Jiao Guo

Abstract: Earthwork is an important content in engineering construction. This paper explores a scientific method of earthwork calculation, designs and...

Authors: Feng Hua Wang, Jun Zhang, Zhi Jian Jin, Qing Li

Abstract: The method of monitoring the tank vibration is becoming an effective method to detect the winding deformation of power transformer for the...

Authors: Hsin Hung Kuo, Szu Wei Yang, Yu Chin Kuo

Abstract: There are few studies connecting character education with Blog-assisted online learning environment in elementary school scenarios....


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