Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Xin Ma, Gui Shi Deng, Xiao Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we come up with an optimal DSR based on ant colony algorithm to improve the operational efficiency of wireless sensor...

Authors: Guo Can Ren

Abstract: In this work, we first assume that the relay node and the destination are connected by the error-free backbond. This scenario is often seen...

Authors: Chun Chang Fu, Nan Zhang

Abstract: The spatial data mining is an important branch of data mining, this paper introduced the technology of spatial data mining based on GIS, the...

Authors: Da Wei Qi, Yuan Yuan Zhou, Xi Yang

Abstract: In order to identify the Amur tiger individual more accurately and conveniently, a new characteristic of Amur tiger is proposed in this...

Authors: Yong Cheng, Lei Wen, Ling Yang, Wei Wang, Yong Zhou, Feng Wang

Abstract: The problem solved in this paper is to design a video streaming protocol which is accomplished by the application layer multicast in the...

Authors: Bo Liu, Zhou Fang, Ping Li, Chuan Chuan Hao

Abstract: This paper analyses the takeoff process of a small scaled UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) with a single rocket booster. Because the thrust...

Authors: Li Yuan Zhang, Li Mei Cheng, Wei Yuan, Ruo Xia Yao

Abstract: Two coupled KdV equations describing the atmospheric and oceanic phenomena are re-analyzed from the view points of Lie point symmetry, Lie...

Authors: Yi Jun Liu, Xiao Man He, Dan Feng, Yu Fang

Abstract: Through the research on the existing parallel computing technologies, this paper bas an in-depth research and analysis on the status, issues...

Authors: Yi Jun Liu, Xiao Man He, Dan Feng, Yu Fang

Abstract: Through the in-depth study of the existing digital watermark and vector graphics, from the characteristics of vector graphics itself, this...

Authors: Bin Bin Shi, Min Li Dai, Zhi Fen Hu

Abstract: An educational robot platform of ultrasonic ranging system with a chip of MC9S08LL16 is presented. The application model is provided. The...


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