Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Bin Shi

Abstract: The application model of automatic guided vehicle system based on LIN bus with a chip of MC9S12XEP100 is provided.The hardware circuit and...

Authors: Zhi Zheng Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the design for a new piezoelectrically transduced hybrid resonator with robust resonance frequency is proposed. The frequency...

Authors: Ke Chen, Wen De Ke

Abstract: This paper put forward intrusion detection algorithm based on improved fuzzy C means (FCM) algorithm and execute the anomaly detection on...

Authors: Nai Xiang Ao, Chang Jia Chen

Abstract: The Internet continually evolves in scope and complexity, with the wide deployment of more capacity backbone links and IPv6, the emergence...

Authors: Ming Du, Shu Mei Wang, Gu Gong

Abstract: Decision tree is an important learning method in machine learning and data mining ,this paper discusses the method of choosing the best...

Authors: Wei Fan, Dong Fen Ye, Ming Xia Yang, Lu Zhang

Abstract: In order to ensure that each node is connected with one another in P2P network and strengthen the invulnerability of network topology, in...

Authors: Ke You Guo, Song Ye, Hu Ming Jiang, Chun Yu Zhang, Kai Han

Abstract: Using the SIFT algorithm for image mosaicing is the study hotspot in recent years, which is in a wide range of applications. SIFT algorithm...

Authors: Wei Yang, Xue Lian Li, Hai Gang Wang, Yu Xiao Du

Abstract: In order to improve the access efficiency of small items storage system in Automatic Storage & Retrieval System, we use the particle swarm...

Authors: Dong Xiang Nan, Yun Sheng Zhang, Xue Qiang Sun

Abstract: There has been a growing interest in artificial neural networks (ANNs) based on quantum theoretical concepts and techniques due to cognitive...

Authors: Ji Xiang Lu, Ping Wang, Hong Zhong Shi, Xin Wang

Abstract: As the primary research area of the Multimoda1 Human-computer Interaction, Voice Interaction mainly involves extraction and identification...


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