Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Wang, Ji Xiang Lu, Xin Wang, Hong Zhong Shi

Abstract: Blind source separation (BSS) attempts to recover unknown independent sources from a given set of observed mixtures. Algorithm based on...

Authors: Chun Chang Fu

Abstract: Data mining provide us a technical found potential knowledge technical from mass data , the data mining technology is applied to GIS can...

Authors: Juan Hua Zhu, Ang Wu, Juan Fang Zhu

Abstract: A rapid and convenient method of license plate recognition is discussed. The color plates are preprocessed by transform gray-scale...

Authors: Zhi Guo Du, Da Hui Hu

Abstract: TopDisc algorithm, one classic algorithm based on minimum dominating set, puts forward an effective method—approximate topology to set up...

Authors: Guang Hua Cheng

Abstract: Electronic commerce recommender systems are becoming increasingly popular with the evolution of the Internet, and collaborative filtering is...

Authors: Gang Cheng, Wei Dong Wang

Abstract: To study the rolling properties of a radial tire, an accurate 3D 195/60R14 tire model is established. The modal includes the geometric...

Authors: Yao Jun Sun, Hai Yan Gao, Yuan Wang, Li Sun

Abstract: The aim of this work was to optimize the process parameters through the statistical approach for the tingle and bot black bean. The process...

Authors: Hong Gen Zhou, Wen Cheng Tang, Xu Wen Jing, Xiang Jun Zhao

Abstract: During each period of modern complex electronic products development, the product is the core when organize and manage products.Completes...

Authors: Ming Yan Shen, Xin Li, Xiang Fu Meng

Abstract: The XML keyword search has been used widely in the application of XML documents. Most of the XML keyword search approaches are based on the...

Authors: Meng Long Li, Hong Jian Peng, Xin Kang Zhang

Abstract: The study is designed to estimate the feasibility of applying web-based instruction in basketball theory courses in public physical...


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